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Gary has accumulated over 30 years of experience in finance, management, and mergers & acquisitions. As a Certified Public Accountant, Gary has been the Chief Financial Officer of a privately held bank holding company, a Global Fortune 100 level executive responsible for US based mergers & acquisitions, and most recently has provided merger & acquisition consulting services to local and international clients. In addition, Gary has purchased and sold businesses in the manufacturing, finance, information technology, and business services industries. Gary has been called upon to perform business valuation and expert witness services for several high profile cases.

As an acquisition specialist, Gary has learned how to quickly identify and overcome obstacles, which invariably occur in the acquisition process.

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Charlie has owned and operated several successful businesses in Central and South Texas and has a strong background in public relations and marketing. He has an excellent record of achievement in working with celebrities, dignitaries, government officials, socially prominent individuals, and local corporate executives. Charlie has been an active community leader – serving on the boards of several prominent civic organizations and has been an advisor to former Governors Bill Clements and Ann Richards on the Texas State Board of Higher Education. Former U.S. Senator Phil Graham says: “Charlie is a self-made man. He is sincere, dedicated and willing to work…. (he) knows what it takes to run a business…..”.

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David Sweeten, CBI/CPA/BCB/LREB

Business Brokers of Texas

Founding broker of the organization, David has 15+ years as a CPA practicing in public accounting and 30+ years of entrepreneurial activities, including many business sales. This provides David with the background, knowledge and experience to help you make the right, informed decision. He works to change the lives in a positive manner for both buyers and sellers.


Eric S. Arroyo, MBA

Business Brokers of Texas

Eric has over 35 years of experience in top-level management positions and management consulting with large & small businesses. He was responsible for the business search & acquisition process for associated companies and participated as a member of the management team in both the sale and purchase of businesses.