Readiness Review

Are you considering selling your business? You might need a Readiness Review to help you decide.

If you are considering selling your business now or even in the next few years, you might want to consider having a “Readiness Review” prepared. Many businesses go to market unprepared.

It is no wonder that so many businesses do not sell or sell for values significantly below an owner’s expectation. Being unprepared when you take your company to market might be the most costly mistake you ever make.

We believe we are the only M & A advisory firm in the Central & South Texas Area offering a readiness review. So, what exactly is a readiness review.

A readiness review is performed by us and is similar to buyer’s due diligence.

Of course, we will not be buying your business, but will perform a review as if we were buying your business.

Understanding a buyer’s perspective will help you prepare your business for sale and will eliminate many uncertainties about selling your business.

What this accomplishes is extraordinarily valuable to you as an owner.

Our review includes the following:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Accounting Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Operations Assessment
  • Human resource Assessment
  • Buyer Risks Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • “As-is” Value Range Estimate
  • Task List to Improve Marketability and Value
  • Potential Value Range Estimate Based on Implementation of Recommendations

Our report will provide you with an assessment of your readiness, an “as-is” value range estimate, a detailed list of recommendations to improve value and market readiness, and a potential value range estimate based on the implementation of our recommendations.

So, what does a readiness review cost?

Depending on the size and complexity of your business it can range from $5,000 to $20,000 for most small businesses.

Of course, we believe the cost of our review will be insignificant compared to the increased value you will receive upon the sale of your business. You could improve value by hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions as other clients have done.

You will also develop peace-of-mind about the acquisition process and definitive information about your readiness.

And… should you choose to engage us to sell your business we will credit back up-to 100% of the cost of the review upon the sale of your business from our success fees.

Do You Need a Readiness Review?

Don’t go to market unprepared, it could be the most costly mistake you could make as a business owner!

If you would like to discuss our readiness review, please contact us here!